What Makes us Different?

- We use a family of Microbes

- The Microbes Digest Urine & Moisture in the Solids Converts them into Carbon Dioxide and Water. The Digestive Process Eliminates the Ammonia In the Urine.

- Last 30 Days – We Guarantee It

All Natural – Made from Microbes that Occur Naturally in Nature

Health: Cat Urine’s High Ammonia Content Can Cause the Following

Cats - Urinary Tract Infections, Eye infections

People - Dizziness, Head Ache, Pneumonia, Ringworm and Salmonella. 

*Especially Harmful to Small Children and the Elderly*

Save the Environment: Litter is designed to be changed every week

- 350 MILLION tons of cat litter go to the land fill every year in the US

- We can cut that amount in half by changing the litter every 30 days

Odor: Our MICROBES convert the urine and moisture in the solids to carbon dioxide and water which has no odor

                                                FOR 30 DAYS…………..WE GUARANTEE IT!!!

"After Using LITTER-LY GON on my customer with the worst litter box. I was so impressed that I tell ALL MY CUSTOMERS to get some LITTER-LY GON! It Really Works! NO SMELL !!!"

Professional Pet Sitter For Nanny Mcflea Tampa